Late night blues…

So last night I was up working on an assignment until around 3am (by this point I had been awake for 18 hours) and that alone probably isn’t healthy. When I’d had enough and went home I felt defeated and I layed in bed feeling hopeless and like I hadn’t accomplished anything. I fell asleep feeling sorry for myself and had some crazy dreams that I was related to the royal family and me and Kate went on a trip together…

I woke up feeling absolutely normal, brand new even. It just gave me the thought that even though that feeling of hopelessness wasnt pleasant, it was two things;

Temporary and caused by a lack of sleep/overworking.

So where else in life do we hold on to these bad feelings that could have simple causes and fixes that we just don’t see? Bad feelings are usually indicators that something in your life is not right! It’s up to us to identify that thing and see if there’s anything within our power to solve it.

Peace ❤️


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