Your challenges of university.

Good morning!

Well, good afternoon really it’s 3:30pm but I just woke up. I was out on a social last night spending money I don’t have so cut me some slack.

So I’m considering writing my first book over summer, which will basically be aimed at university students, and things they should be aware of to survive untill the end of their course.

I was wondering…

What do/did you find most challenging about uni?

What do/did you do to overcome that challenge?

If you had perfect hindsight from now, what would you tell the fresher you?

If I get even one response I’ll be happy af, you could email me at:

Leave me a comment on my Facebook post, or send me a private message. Either way I’m curious to hear about the various challenges people go through.

Enjoy your Thursday you sexy people.

Peace ❤️


(P.s I’ll make another post soon about the challenges I’ve faced at uni.)

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