This lil’ romance

Hey guys,
So I’ve been having a bit of a fling with someone recently, and unfortunately it seems to be coming to an end. She’s an absolute gem and I’m sure we’ll still be friends. But to cut a long story short; I was/am a little more into her than she was into me, which is fine, we’re all human and the way we feel is the way we feel. (If you force a fart it’s probably going to be shit). I had been spending a lot of time thinking about whether or not she liked me and where I stood in her plans. This didn’t seem healthy to me for two reasons; I’ve got a degree to be focusing on, and you should always know where you stand with someone, and not knowing was killing me.

The reason I wanted to bring this up is that some people (myself included) hold on to bad habits or others that aren’t necessarily good for them, purely because stopping that thing or cutting someone off is just too painful or difficult to deal with.
But no matter how hard it might be, sometimes we just need to let go of the things that we know are harming us. This can be very difficult and painful in the moment, but you’ll be better for it later on.

My second point is; if you’re in a relationship with someone, or you can feel things are starting to take off with the person/thing you’re dating (I won’t judge), then you need to be completely honest about how you’re feeling with not only the person involved, but yourself. Good communication is a must in my opinion and if you want things to work out you gotta be honest.

Anyways, I hope you guys have had a lovely week and I’m off to get smashed at Superbull and mistakingly drunk text the girl from the first paragraph!

Have a great weekend ❤


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