What a cliché.

Afternoon lads and ladies!
Not gonna lie to you guys, it’s not been the best of days for me today, I’ve woken up with a gross ass cold so I can’t train tonight, I’ve had to pay out 180 quid to change my flight to Brazil, I’m slightly behind on a deadline due on Thursday and worst of all I got conned out of 43 pence whilst trading Bitcoin. I’m fragile ok leave it out.

Now I could ramble on for an entire post about all of the negative things in my life right now, but what would be the point? It’d make me feel like shit, and you’d probably be thinking “What a loser haha”. I genuinely believe that if you focus your energy and attention on a particular thing, then that thing is going to become more central in your life.

I know it can be difficult to see the light when you’re bogged down by all of the things that stress you, and I also know this sounds super cliché but, take a second to think about the things that are good in your life. I don’t mean like you’ve got a roof over your head and that jazz, but the stuff that you really feel genuinely positive about. Maybe you’ve got a holiday coming up? Maybe you’ve got a date with a cutie? Are you totally nailing your fitness goals? Whatever it is that brings you joy or excitement, try to give it just a little bit more attention, and I’m sure it will repay the favour.


And on that note; I’ve got all of my recording equipment on the way! Which means you guys can hear my super awful music produced through fancy gear. If that doesn’t excite you enough, I’m starting a pod-cast so be ready to hear my annoying voice talk about anything and everything. Remember, you’re beautiful and the only person’s recognition you need is your own.

Peace ❤



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