Coffee Is Neat.

It’s hump day!
So my deadline is due tomorrow and as it turns out, robots have a lot more personality than you would’ve thought. For example, mine is a complete bitch. Literally all it needs to do is find some coloured cylinders in an already defined map. But apparently it has an agenda of its own; to be the first robot to break a wall by repeatedly running into it.
I used to be scared that one day robots would take over, but after this, I’m not so sure they’re capable.

The only thing that’s been getting me through these late nights is caffeine. You have no idea how much of it I have consumed in these last 3 days… I even bring it with me to the labs…IMG_20180321_200645

I wonder how many uni students are addicted to the stuff? I for one have no idea what i’d do without it, and I know many others who can’t get through their day without it.
I knew it was bad when I woke up absolutely craving a monster energy. Did you know they have 160 milligrams of the stuff in each one?! I’ve been drinking like 3 a day with coffee. No wonder I have trouble sleeping…

This made me a little health conscious, so to all of my coffee and caffeine lovers out there, I have complied a very small list of benefits and drawbacks of caffeine:
+Increases memory (post-studying). Link to study
+Reduces all kinds of cancer. Link to page
+Lower risk of suicide. Link to study
Overdosing is a thing Link to study
You can become addicted
Caffeine can cause insomnia and restlessness

I couldn’t find any major negative effects, so drank that shit like it’s Friday night. It’s good for you and helps you get stuff done. But as with all things great, you gotta be your own manager and make sure you don’t die.

Peace <3,

-Jrod (P.s I’m jacked as fuck on caffeine)


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