I got that Friday Fever!

It’s Friday!

And what a beautiful day it’s been, woke up and cooked a banging Omlette, met up with my boy Kyle, went skating, got a smoothie (the girl that served me was real cute), and then we went for a smoke in a forest.

So my Easter holidays have just started and I have two weeks off of uni! Sadly I still have alot of work to do, but I’ve come back home to Peterbrough for the weekend to just chill before I get stuck back in!

It’s so nice to get back into your own bed after not being there for a while, I slept from 9pm to 11:00am this morning, feeling absolutely golden. Even after the one night my mind feels refreshed and I feel relaxed. It’s crazy how fast you can get caught up in the stressess that surround you!

Sometimes you need to take a little time for yourself to just relax, forget about things for a while! After all, life doesn’t have to be so serious 100 percent of the time. Treat yourself and have a glass of wine! It’s the weekend!

Now if you’ll excuse me it’s my old friends birthday and ima get druuuuunk!

Peace ❤️


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