Don’t get caught up in your own head.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag wan,
I hope you have had a good weekend, and I apologise for not posting yesterday. Kyle came to visit on Sunday and stayed the night. We chilled all day Monday, got a little messed up, and recorded a pod cast (check it out on the videos tab of facebook) so by the time he left, I was way too drunk to write.

Mojito Cocktail that Luc made us yesterday.

Anyway I was at a party on Saturday and it was one of my brothers friend’s birthday. They were all around the age of 30+. Me being only 20 I felt a little out of place, like I was being judged by them, as if my opinion on things didn’t matter because I hadn’t experienced as much as them. This stopped me sharing and contributing my ideas, I mean I didn’t wanna be shut down by people older than me. Turns out this was all in my head and I was being paranoid. After a few bevs, I was having some pretty deep conversations with another guy about humanity and how mushrooms could be used to broaden peoples mindsets.

My point is; how many of our insecurities that prevent us acting normally are in our heads? For me, the biggest thing is what people might think about what I’m about to say. This is such a ridiculous thing that gets me all the time. After all, your ideas are your own, and you should never change them to please other people.
At the end of the day people can only please themselves, and you can’t change the way they feel.

Okay, I gotta get back to the programming grind. I love you all.

Peace ❤


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