Adapt. Survive. Overcome.

Oi oi,
We’re halfway to the weekend, where the land of chocolate and snow will be upon us. Never really been excited for Easter, I was born with a half allergy/half intolerance to dairy, I’m not christian and I don’t really like the cold. Needless to say I’m not overly hyped for the weekend. However, I will be going live with the podcast again on Friday so I’m excited for that! (Catch Monday’s podcast here)

You may or may not know that I train in Brazilian jiujitsu, and yesterday we couldn’t train because the venue was being painted. They didn’t email us or anything, so we turned up and were quite disappointed. We were about to go home when I had the idea of training on the grass outside. We got there and the grass was wet, and it was cold. Luckily for us, there was a home base about 5 minutes away. So two of the boys went to see what they could find, and came back with two giant plastic covers. We laid them out, pinned them down with our bags, and voila! Mission accomplished.

It would’ve been so easy to just go home and chill. But my point is, sometimes there’s gonna be obstacles and challenges that hinder your progress in life. It’s our job to say no to the easy way out, and put our minds at work to come up with a solution that progresses us!

Peace ❤


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