The Easter Bunny Stole My Bike.

It’s good Friday!
I feel like a bit of a tit today, I woke up and sorted myself out as per my normal routine, left to go to the labs feeling productive, motivated and full of coffee. Only to learn that I’d left my swipe card at home along with my wallet… I just went to the library and pretended to read for a bit.

Don’t have any Easter photos, so here’s Jeff the Rat.

Being Easter and all I decided I’d look into why we even have chocolate eggs. I mean if you really think about it, it’s such a weird holiday. Some guy died bare long ago so we should celebrate by eating chocolate eggs supposedly laid by a giant bunny. The shit we buy into man I swear.

So as it turns out there’s no mention of Easter eggs in the bible. From what I’ve gathered, sometime in the 17th century some Germans practiced something called Lutheranism (A type of Christianity). These guys had a folklore story where an Easter Bunny would come and judge children whether they were bad or good. He would come on the night before Easter and carry a basket full of colourful eggs, candy and sometimes toys (Sounds a lot like Santa ngl). These Germans eventually spread the idea through travel and stuff.

Eggs in various cultures symbolise life, resurrection, creation, luck, wealth and even the universe, and the hollow Easter egg is representative of Jesus’s empty chamber.

Even if you don’t care about any of that, you can devour your weight in chocolate this weekend and not feel guilty! As they say in Portuguese, Feliz Pascoa!

Peace ❤


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