Musical Anhedonia.

It’s just another manic Monday!
Nah only messing, my day has been pretty chilled. Went swimming & one of the lifeguards was peng, could’ve married her then and there. Came back and made a full English fry up and then recorded a 3 hour podcast with Thane! It’s safe to say I’m physically and mentally drained.

My bootleg studio set-up.

Off-air, Thane told me some interesting things about music. Did you know there are some people who have no emotional attachment to it what-so ever? These types of people have what’s called “musical anhedonia” (Affects around 3-5% of peeps) and because of this, they don’t feel anything when listening to music. They can understand it, but there’s a very little link between their auditory processing and reward center in their brain. Personally I couldn’t imagine a world where I don’t lose my shit whenever the Chili’s come on. Music is a massive part of my identity and it’s helped me through so much shit.
You get laid for the first time? Listen to “I just had sex” -Lonely Island.
Your dog just die? Listen to “I miss you” -Blink 182.

For me, the crazy thing about music is it’s ability to elicit an emotion that I hadn’t felt in a long time. For example, every time I listen to “House every weekend” I get reminded of everything I went through with an Ex. Or if I listen to “Africa” then I’m immediately taken back to my first season at the Aquapark. Good times man. Music heals the soul, it’s the universal language that connects us all! Or at least those who don’t suffer from musical anhedonia…

I hope you all have a great week! You’re beautiful.

Peace ❤


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