You’re a psychedelic program!

Afternoon guys,
It’s a beautiful day and I hope you’re enjoying it!
You must be sick of me talking about my assignments all of the time. So I’m not going to, instead I wanna talk about how computer science has changed my view of my mind.


A computer program usually takes inputs, does stuff to it, and gives you an output. For example consider a calculator function; A add B = C, the two inputs are A and B, then then output is C.

We could actually imagine our mind as a kind of complex computer program. It takes inputs from the senses, starts thinking, then gives you an output (Like moving from a hot stove, or waving at someone you’ve seen across the street).
Considering we process just about everything we take in, I think its a valid question to ask; How good are the inputs that we choose give our minds? Are the people that you follow on social media providing you with healthy positive content? Or hateful negative content? If you were to constantly eat shit you’d get overweight and sick. So why don’t we view our minds in a similar way? After all, “You are what you eat” could be translated to “You are what you think”.

Just a little thought I had, remember you’re beautiful and loved.

Peace ❤


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