Go with the flow.

Good morning sexy,
I’m sorry I’ve been shitty and inconsistent with the posts this last week. I’ve been mad busy seeing people, partying and avoiding my dissertation.
But nah for real the next month will be the busiest I’ve been in my life with all of the training and uni but I promise I’ll try my best to keep posting and podcasting!


So my cousin came down on Friday for my birthday party, I was meant to drive him home Saturday and return that night. I drive us there and obviously cut to an hour later, we’re both absolutely smashed in a gritty nightclub in the center of Manchester. I decided to wait until Sunday afternoon to leave, got too high and stayed until Monday morning. I had to wake up at 5am to make sure I was back in Lincoln and alive for my 9am.

Sometimes things don’t always end up going the way you planned them out, but I think it’s important to go with the flow and just enjoy opportunities when they pop up, because really we have no idea how long we have left.

Peace ❤


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