I will survive!

Hello you sexy Jrodders!
My dissertation is finally over and submitted and I’m free from it forever! Unless I have to re-sit… Anyways, after about 9 million consecutive hours in the labs thriving on nothing but pot noodles, pro-plus and some weird caffeine powder, I think my mind and body both hate me with a passion.

Just having a little toilet break from work.

It’s kind of funny when it reaches 2 days before the deadline and you realise you’ve pretty much written your entire project wrong. The sheer panic and terror I felt was insane, I genuinely thought that I’d thrown away 50 grand and three years of my time. However, with the power of stimulants and a great group of coursemates, I managed to entirely re-write it within about 40 hours.

The whole situation reminded me of my A-levels, walking confidently up to my square table, laying out my pens and pencils, putting my water down next to me, turning the first page of the exam and realising I’d well and truly fucked it. That feeling of “My life is over, I’m not going to survive this” had properly sunk in as I imagined the disappointment on my mum’s face come results day. Needless to say, I did survive that, and I did get into Uni, and just like I thought I wouldn’t survive my dissertation, here I am, all smug and submitted.

If you’re feeling like you’ve reached a hurdle in your life that you just can’t get over, take some deep breaths and when you’re ready, try your best to face whatever it is. Relax and clear your mind, I promise you’ll survive it and even surprise yourself.

Peace ❤


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