Good workout = happy mind.

Evening my beautiful people,

I hope you’ve had a lovely day! I’ve been massively un-productive today, was meant to revise, ended up researching mushrooms instead… I did however, manage to get a work out in! Me and my flatmate went to whitton park to do some interval training and hill sprints.

During the workout I wanted to die, my chest was hurting, my throat was sore (is that even a thing??) And my muscles were aching. Afterwards however, I felt great!Turns out, when you work out lots of feel good chemicals get released into your bloodstream, so you literally get high from exercise.

This made me think a little about how important working out is for your mental health. If you work out just twice a week, that’s twice you’re getting all of these good hormones and chemicals, that’s gonna do wonders for your head and mood!

Another day I’ll go a little more in-depth on how working out affects your mind, but for now, I’m heading to sleep!

Peace ❤


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