People telling lies on the internet? No way.

Boiiiiiii, how you doin’?
Sorry for the late post, I published yesterday’s post today, so I’ve staggered this one to post a little later in the evening…
So there’s been this petition that’s being going around the Facebook profiles of people who live in Huntington and neighboring areas. The petition was proposed on the governments website to make cat ownership in Sawtry illegal.

Semi-related, but funny

The petition was rejected by the government basically saying; this isn’t our problem, talk to the local community. Somehow, the rejected petition was found and posted on The Sawtry Scene, where it was met with angry cat owners and a lot of talk about eradicating the creator of the petition. This is hilarious for two reasons; One, the creator of the petition openly stated that it was satirical, but was ignored. Two, it’s actually made the BBC news and now the post has gotten a considerable amount of traction.

It’s beyond me how the story has managed to make it to the BBC, arguably Britain’s most reliable and credible news source. It kinda makes you think how easy it would be to fabricate news stories or even tweak them a little to get more viewers.

Please people, don’t believe everything you see/hear on the internet. There are a lot trolls out there. Also, if these trolls do actually own up, don’t ignore them!

Peace ❤



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