Teachings from a wise uncle.

Good evening beauties,

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend! I’ve had the pleasure of spending the night with my uncle in Godmanchester, a place just outside of Cambridge. It’s absolutely gorgeous here, rivers, meadows, blossom trees, a true haven.

I love spending time with my Uncle, he’s been through a lot and come a long way from his beginings in Vitoria, Brasil. He’s battled with mental health issues and now he’s in charge of massive civil engineering contracts. The sheer dedication this guy has is unreal, just by being around him you’ll feel motivated and ready to start a career.

He’s taught me a lot of lessons about life and the importance of hard work, dedication and dicipline. If you want something, no one is going to give it to you. He also stresses that you need to chase genuine happiness, everything else is a bonus. Money is good, but not a necessity, you don’t need to be rich to survive. Is a guy who spends a grand on a night out getting drunk with his friends really that different from someone who buys cheap vodka and gets his friends round for a barbecue?

I honestly wish that everyone could have an uncle like this guy, my words does not do his words justice. As always,

Peace ♥️


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