This is America.

It’s the bank holiday you legends,
What have you all been getting up to this weekend? I don’t even think I need to hint at what I’ve been doing for you to know that I’ve just been getting plastered. So I did a podcast this afternoon with George Heslop, the creator of the cat petition. He’s gonna be moving to America when he finishes uni to work as a high school teacher. Unless you’ve somehow been oblivious to the internet, you’ll know that this job will now come with the added risk of being shot up.


America has seen the rise of mass shootings in schools recently. I’ve not really spoken about the school shootings in America before mainly because I don’t live there, and I’m definitely not qualified to make any judgements. I think the media does a good job of covering how much of a tragedy these events are, but it fails to identify the causes of these problems. I think this has got to be considered if we want to fix the problem.

Every single country has mad people who want to shoot up schools and blow people up, it’s just they don’t have the means to do so. In America however, it’s much easier to get a hold of a weapon that can cause mass devastation. Now I’m in no position to be saying whether they should ban guns or have tighter laws or allow teachers to carry guns. But I do think that at the bare minimum, people need to understand that there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

It’s not us vs them, it’s just us vs the problem, as soon as more people understand that, a lot more problems could be solved.

Peace ❤


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