Day two: There’s worms in my ears.

That’s four sessions down, and it’s not getting any easier to be honest. I’ve noticed that my head seems to play the hook of a song on repeat. The song changes depending on what I’ve been listening to that day, last night it was “Owner of a lonely heart”. Maybe the songs that get stuck in our heads get stuck for a particular reason, but I’m not too sure.

I was thinking to myself, how am I supposed to meditate when my head is constantly singing stuff? So I started reading into how/why this happens. According to one source, these tunes are called ear-worms, and trying to get rid of them only brings your attention to them more. The article suggests that you should try to listen to your surroundings as closely as possible, just be a very observant listener. Eventually the ear worm will fade away.

At some point I just got bored and thought about what exactly I was doing, and then it occurred to me that I don’t really know what meditation is. As far as I was aware, meditation was about sitting quietly and tuning into the universe (Whatever the hell that means). Headspace however, has a much better definition:

“It’s about training in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective. You’re not trying to turn off your thoughts or feelings. You’re learning to observe them without judgment.” I guess it’s more about listening to yourself than telling yourself to be quiet.

I felt pretty chilled out and happy today, slightly more in control. Not sure whether it’s the meditation or just a good day, but I feel like now I know what to do, I might start seeing benefits.

Peace ❤




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