Day Three: I see my thoughts.

Okay, so just after three days of this, I’m definitely feeling a slight change in my daily life. It’s odd, it’s not like anything about your thoughts or feelings change, but you can see your feelings? That doesn’t make any sense, but you know when you get upset about something or angry about something? Well instead of the anger/sadness consuming you and altering your mood, you can simply observe the emotion and be like “Yeah that’s a perfectly valid response to that guy being a dick” or “I’m being irrational here”.

I know I’ve not being doing this for that long, so maybe I’m just wanting to feel the effects more than I’m actually feeling them, but I do feel more chilled out.

It’s kind of debated, but around 3500 years ago, the earliest written accounts of meditation were created (We think we’ve been doing it for around 7000 years!). Meditation comes from Hindu traditions, where one can achieve spiritual and self realization through concentration and attention.

Now a days there are maaany different practices that qualify as meditation (Mindfulness, spiritual, chanting ect). Instead of stating them all here, you can read about them here.

The world is full of crazy tech, and even crazier people. With all of this stuff it can be easy to forget how beautiful it is to merely exist. I’ll definitely be continuing with this practice, and even if you don’t feel like meditation is for you, just remember, you’re alive and you’re loved!

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you Monday!

Peace ❤

-Jrod (Yes I used Wikipedia as a source, bite me) (Really good infographic) (Just some guy but an interesting read)

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