Festivals don’t have to be expensive.

Hello again my fellow legends.
I hope you’ve all had a good weekend! I had some more punting training and plenty of beer! I’m off to download tomorrow so I probably wont be posting from Wednesday to next Tuesday. Tonight I’ll be getting everything all packed up and ready in the car for my first festival-volunteering experience.


I’ve decided that I’ll be volunteering at 4 festivals this year (depending on how this one goes). The reason for this is that I’m super broke. Always have been, all ways will be, but I don’t think that should get in the way of having fun and making new experiences. So I’ve been looking into how to “do” a festival cheaply. I thought I’d share some tips that are obvious, but easy to forget.

-Only bring the absolute essentials,
-Make a check list of items well before you go, order them by importance, then look at the bottom of the list, if you didn’t have some of those, would it affect much?
-Invest in stuff you can re-use, a good tent, wellies and sleeping bag will last you the entire season if you look after them
-Buy everything in advance, it’ll save you money
-Bring your own re-usable bottle to re-fill at water stations, buying bottled water adds up quickly
-Bring your own food, you can expect to pay around 7-10 quid for food at festivals
-Make your own food, cereal bars are super easy to make, you can bring loads and they’ll keep you going
-Traveling to the site can get expensive, but most festivals have forums where you car share with people near you for muuuch cheaper, also: Try Lift share
-Lastly, there are loads of companies that you can volunteer with, it’s fun and you get a free ticket!

Peace ❤


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