Download, you have my heart.

I am alive!

So I’ve returned from quite frankly one of the best weeks of my life, volunteering at Download festival!

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the experience was. I decided to volunteer on my own, and none of my friends are particularly into metal music. I was walking into this completely blind… I didn’t know anyone.

Luckily enough, on the first day a group of solo volunteers called me over because I had blue hair. Over the course of the week this group became somewhat like family, friends for life for sure. It’s crazy how quick you can bond with people and how much your perception of a person changes as you get to know them. I genuinely trust and adore these people more than some people I’ve known my whole life.

Aside from meeting the most amazing people, crowd surfing for the first time and falling in love for the nth time, I got to see Guns n’ Roses and Ozzy Osbourne live (they were insane and don’t let the haters tell you otherwise)!

If anyone is thinking about volunteering at a festival where they dont know anyone, do it! I promise you’ll love it!

Peace ♥️


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