About Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake was born seemingly out of the blue… KJ and I have this tradition where I go to his house, we cook up a nice meal then hit the studio, get really drunk and make some noise.

This song started with some simple minor 7th chords and KJ layed down the beat, then we pretty much had the song structure down, and the only thing left was the lyrics.

We hit record and picked up the mic, the first words that came to me were “Chocolate cake”. In the song all lyrics were done on the spot, in one take with no prior planning. After I had sung my verse, I rudely shoved the mic into KJ’s face and he did his verse, also improvised on the spot in the same recording.

Then as we got progressively more drunk, we started laughing about how funny it would be to make a music video, and got some ridiculous ideas. The next day we hit up Asda, brought a chocolate cake or two, and got to work.

The video you see is a direct product of me and KJ executing a drunken idea.
I had so much fun making and shooting the video, and can’t wait to do more stuff with KJ.