I haven’t eaten for three days.

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Long time no speak! I hope you’ve all been doing well, living your best lives and soaking up all of this sun. I’m currently in turkey, and having quite possibly the most chilled out 10 days ever.

I’ve explored the neighboring mountains, snorkeled with fish and had some absolutely gorgeous kebabs.

I’ve also decided to do a three day water fast, and I won’t lie to you, it’s challenging. Today marks the last day of the fast, and tomorrow I can devour lots of nice fruit and veg. A water fast is basically consuming no calories at all, you can only drink teas and coffees (no sugar or milk).

Not eating for three days has made me realise two things: Humans don’t need to eat nearly as much as we do, and I really fucking enjoy eating.

Aside from that, my body has purged loads of toxins and I feel lighter, more relaxed and centred. I hope you have a great week and I’ll see you soon!

Peace ♥️


Download, you have my heart.

I am alive!

So I’ve returned from quite frankly one of the best weeks of my life, volunteering at Download festival!

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the experience was. I decided to volunteer on my own, and none of my friends are particularly into metal music. I was walking into this completely blind… I didn’t know anyone.

Luckily enough, on the first day a group of solo volunteers called me over because I had blue hair. Over the course of the week this group became somewhat like family, friends for life for sure. It’s crazy how quick you can bond with people and how much your perception of a person changes as you get to know them. I genuinely trust and adore these people more than some people I’ve known my whole life.

Aside from meeting the most amazing people, crowd surfing for the first time and falling in love for the nth time, I got to see Guns n’ Roses and Ozzy Osbourne live (they were insane and don’t let the haters tell you otherwise)!

If anyone is thinking about volunteering at a festival where they dont know anyone, do it! I promise you’ll love it!

Peace ♥️


Festivals don’t have to be expensive.

Hello again my fellow legends.
I hope you’ve all had a good weekend! I had some more punting training and plenty of beer! I’m off to download tomorrow so I probably wont be posting from Wednesday to next Tuesday. Tonight I’ll be getting everything all packed up and ready in the car for my first festival-volunteering experience.


I’ve decided that I’ll be volunteering at 4 festivals this year (depending on how this one goes). The reason for this is that I’m super broke. Always have been, all ways will be, but I don’t think that should get in the way of having fun and making new experiences. So I’ve been looking into how to “do” a festival cheaply. I thought I’d share some tips that are obvious, but easy to forget.

-Only bring the absolute essentials,
-Make a check list of items well before you go, order them by importance, then look at the bottom of the list, if you didn’t have some of those, would it affect much?
-Invest in stuff you can re-use, a good tent, wellies and sleeping bag will last you the entire season if you look after them
-Buy everything in advance, it’ll save you money
-Bring your own re-usable bottle to re-fill at water stations, buying bottled water adds up quickly
-Bring your own food, you can expect to pay around 7-10 quid for food at festivals
-Make your own food, cereal bars are super easy to make, you can bring loads and they’ll keep you going
-Traveling to the site can get expensive, but most festivals have forums where you car share with people near you for muuuch cheaper, also: Try Lift share
-Lastly, there are loads of companies that you can volunteer with, it’s fun and you get a free ticket!

Peace ❤


Day Three: I see my thoughts.

Okay, so just after three days of this, I’m definitely feeling a slight change in my daily life. It’s odd, it’s not like anything about your thoughts or feelings change, but you can see your feelings? That doesn’t make any sense, but you know when you get upset about something or angry about something? Well instead of the anger/sadness consuming you and altering your mood, you can simply observe the emotion and be like “Yeah that’s a perfectly valid response to that guy being a dick” or “I’m being irrational here”.

I know I’ve not being doing this for that long, so maybe I’m just wanting to feel the effects more than I’m actually feeling them, but I do feel more chilled out.

It’s kind of debated, but around 3500 years ago, the earliest written accounts of meditation were created (We think we’ve been doing it for around 7000 years!). Meditation comes from Hindu traditions, where one can achieve spiritual and self realization through concentration and attention.

Now a days there are maaany different practices that qualify as meditation (Mindfulness, spiritual, chanting ect). Instead of stating them all here, you can read about them here.

The world is full of crazy tech, and even crazier people. With all of this stuff it can be easy to forget how beautiful it is to merely exist. I’ll definitely be continuing with this practice, and even if you don’t feel like meditation is for you, just remember, you’re alive and you’re loved!

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you Monday!

Peace ❤


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_meditation (Yes I used Wikipedia as a source, bite me)
https://chopra.com/articles/history-meditation (Really good infographic)
https://www.quora.com/Was-the-Buddha-a-real-person (Just some guy but an interesting read)

Day two: There’s worms in my ears.

That’s four sessions down, and it’s not getting any easier to be honest. I’ve noticed that my head seems to play the hook of a song on repeat. The song changes depending on what I’ve been listening to that day, last night it was “Owner of a lonely heart”. Maybe the songs that get stuck in our heads get stuck for a particular reason, but I’m not too sure.

I was thinking to myself, how am I supposed to meditate when my head is constantly singing stuff? So I started reading into how/why this happens. According to one source, these tunes are called ear-worms, and trying to get rid of them only brings your attention to them more. The article suggests that you should try to listen to your surroundings as closely as possible, just be a very observant listener. Eventually the ear worm will fade away.

At some point I just got bored and thought about what exactly I was doing, and then it occurred to me that I don’t really know what meditation is. As far as I was aware, meditation was about sitting quietly and tuning into the universe (Whatever the hell that means). Headspace however, has a much better definition:

“It’s about training in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective. You’re not trying to turn off your thoughts or feelings. You’re learning to observe them without judgment.” I guess it’s more about listening to yourself than telling yourself to be quiet.

I felt pretty chilled out and happy today, slightly more in control. Not sure whether it’s the meditation or just a good day, but I feel like now I know what to do, I might start seeing benefits.

Peace ❤