Festivals don’t have to be expensive.

Hello again my fellow legends.
I hope you’ve all had a good weekend! I had some more punting training and plenty of beer! I’m off to download tomorrow so I probably wont be posting from Wednesday to next Tuesday. Tonight I’ll be getting everything all packed up and ready in the car for my first festival-volunteering experience.


I’ve decided that I’ll be volunteering at 4 festivals this year (depending on how this one goes). The reason for this is that I’m super broke. Always have been, all ways will be, but I don’t think that should get in the way of having fun and making new experiences. So I’ve been looking into how to “do” a festival cheaply. I thought I’d share some tips that are obvious, but easy to forget.

-Only bring the absolute essentials,
-Make a check list of items well before you go, order them by importance, then look at the bottom of the list, if you didn’t have some of those, would it affect much?
-Invest in stuff you can re-use, a good tent, wellies and sleeping bag will last you the entire season if you look after them
-Buy everything in advance, it’ll save you money
-Bring your own re-usable bottle to re-fill at water stations, buying bottled water adds up quickly
-Bring your own food, you can expect to pay around 7-10 quid for food at festivals
-Make your own food, cereal bars are super easy to make, you can bring loads and they’ll keep you going
-Traveling to the site can get expensive, but most festivals have forums where you car share with people near you for muuuch cheaper, also: Try Lift share
-Lastly, there are loads of companies that you can volunteer with, it’s fun and you get a free ticket!

Peace ❤


Day Three: I see my thoughts.

Okay, so just after three days of this, I’m definitely feeling a slight change in my daily life. It’s odd, it’s not like anything about your thoughts or feelings change, but you can see your feelings? That doesn’t make any sense, but you know when you get upset about something or angry about something? Well instead of the anger/sadness consuming you and altering your mood, you can simply observe the emotion and be like “Yeah that’s a perfectly valid response to that guy being a dick” or “I’m being irrational here”.

I know I’ve not being doing this for that long, so maybe I’m just wanting to feel the effects more than I’m actually feeling them, but I do feel more chilled out.

It’s kind of debated, but around 3500 years ago, the earliest written accounts of meditation were created (We think we’ve been doing it for around 7000 years!). Meditation comes from Hindu traditions, where one can achieve spiritual and self realization through concentration and attention.

Now a days there are maaany different practices that qualify as meditation (Mindfulness, spiritual, chanting ect). Instead of stating them all here, you can read about them here.

The world is full of crazy tech, and even crazier people. With all of this stuff it can be easy to forget how beautiful it is to merely exist. I’ll definitely be continuing with this practice, and even if you don’t feel like meditation is for you, just remember, you’re alive and you’re loved!

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you Monday!

Peace ❤


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_meditation (Yes I used Wikipedia as a source, bite me)
https://chopra.com/articles/history-meditation (Really good infographic)
https://www.quora.com/Was-the-Buddha-a-real-person (Just some guy but an interesting read)

Meditation for the nation.

What’s up you sexy son of a gun,
I’m gonna be honest with you guys, I’m running out of ways to say hello at the start of every post. To stop me writing the same thing every damn time, I’ll just probably get right into the post, then again challenges are what help us grow right?


Anyway, sometimes when I get bored and have nothing to do, my mind starts to think about stuff, and when I think about stuff, I get existential. I think my brain struggles to differentiate boredom from sadness. But other times I think boredom causes it.

For some reason yesterday evening, I was hit with this wave of helplessness and I just didn’t want to talk to anyone. I went up to my room and just shut the door and layed on my bed, feeling sorry for myself. I sat up after a while and decided to meditate for a bit, even though I really didn’t want to. I think it worked, because I found the motivation to get up and have a shower before going to sleep.

People always bang on about meditation left right and centre. Personally I can’t do it very well; I have a really short attention span, so after 30 seconds of silence I follow random thoughts without even realising it.

So for the rest of the week, I’m gonna meditate for 15 minutes everyday, twice a day. Once before bed, and once when I wake up. These next few posts are going to be about different aspects of meditation and the benefits of it, and I’ll tell you if I think they’re chatting shite or not.

Peace ❤



I’m Bi-curious about linguistics.

Hello ladies and gents,
I hope you’re having a lovely Friday, weather seems to be a little shitty but it’s meant to be jumping back up to the 20’s this weekend. You may or may not know that I’m half Brazilian (I guess now you do), and can speak a little Portuguese. I’ve been spending a lot of time on duo-lingo (Language learning app) recently brushing up on my language skills, both in preparation for Brazil and my summer job.


I’ve heard a few times before that bilinguals supposedly think in different ways to monolinguals. On a handful of occasions I’ve even heard that our brains are wired differently too. This got me thinking about whether or not this was true, so I did a good old fashioned google search.

There’s been quite a few studies that suggest learning a second language can fortify the areas of your brain associated with language processing. This does result in seemingly positive changes in the brain structure, making you better at linguistic stuff. However, there seems to be some debate about whether or not knowing a second language affects your non-linguistic cognitive abilities. Personally I think it does, but I’d say it’s more of a change in personality due to the culture of the country that you learn in. I’m also biased because I want to feel special.

One thing I can certainly conclude is that learning a second language is nothing but positives. You’ll be able to speak to more people, you’ll be more employable, you can consume media from different cultures, all that jazz. The only downside I guess is the time you’ve gotta spend learning.

Peace ❤


Some Sources:




Half asleep half awake.

Hope you’re having a lovely evening!

I’m finally back home and in my own bed. You know that feeling where you’ve been away from home for a while and you get in your bed after ages of not being in it, and it feels like absolute heaven? Cause same.

So I went to stay with my uncle for a night the other day, and he’s currently renting a room in Godmanchester. We had a nice old evening and when it comes to bedtime I lay there staring at the ceiling. I felt so tired, yet so wide awake, which didn’t make sense considering I’d been doing stuff all day.

I decided to try and look into it, and apparently when you sleep somewhere new for the first time, you dont actually sleep properly. Your brain goes into this half defence mode because you’re not sure if it’s dangerous (even if it’s obviously safe). So when you’re staying somewhere new, you’re gonna get a shitty night’s sleep.

I slept in two new locations consecutively and I’m dying, no idea how im gonna survive when I go traveling!

Peace ♥️