Cambridge is weird.

Afternoon you legend,

Guess who’s gonna be a punter in Cambridge?! Damn right its me son. Today was my first time on a punt and it was way more difficult that I anticipated. I’m super excited to spend the summer working here in Cambridge, it’s such a beautiful city filled with history and people who are definitely richer than you.

So I’m writing this from a bench near the center of town. Infront of me, a preacher proclaiming the greatness of Jesus. To my right, two junkies swearing to eachother that they’re good people, whilst shouting at the preacher claiming he’s chatting shit. It’s a wild world we live in.

Funnily enough I had a false image of Cambridge being this pristine gem of England. Where people are well spoken and driven. Turns out its the same shite as everywhere else.

Just because a place of person appears to be one way, doesn’t mean it’s that way at all.

Peace ♥️


Purpose or something like that.

Afternoon guys and gals, it’s Friday!!!
I hope you’re all having a wonderful day, the sun is shining, the birds are tweeting and everything feels nice. So yesterday I went to change the guitar strings on my acoustic, and ended up snapping one of the pegs that holds down the strings. I was staring at it and trying to figure out if there was some way I could fix it without waiting to get a new set. Luckily there’s a music shop close by so I brought some, and now I’ve got a fresh sounding acoustic.


I was trying to figure out if I could use something else as a temporary fix, so I started thinking about it’s purpose. It’s there to hold the strings in place right? But then I thought a little deeper about purpose, what actually is it? You can’t exactly measure purpose or see it, but it’s something we as humans give to ourselves and other objects. For example, is it really a rocks purpose to be used as a paperweight on your desk? Or is it because you say that’s what the rock’s purpose is?

I watched a good ted talk about finding your purpose, and he suggested that finding your purpose is as easy as asking yourself 5 questions: Who am I? What do I do? Who do I do it for? What do they want/need/get from you? How do they change as a result?
A lot of people seem to want to find their purpose in life, it’s kind of the key to happiness. But I think it’s more important to feel like your purpose is needed and important.

If you’re lost and you feel like you don’t have a purpose in life, then that’s perfectly fine. There’s no rule saying you NEED to have a purpose, just relax, have a think about it, and I’m sure it will come in time.

Peace ❤


Rust in peace.

Hello you sexy brutes.
So I’ve got my first exam tomorrow in autonomous mobile robotics! Fancy right? For the last week I’ve been revising (learning) the syllabus and researching some cool as fuck robots. As it goes, humans are weak, slow, unreliable, unpredictable, need sleep, need food, get emotional, the list goes on. Computers and robots on the other hand are pretty much the opposite, requiring only fuel, programming and maintenance.

Me attempting to familiarize myself with a robot simulation environment.

Imagine a team of 5 people that have the task of locating and retrieving survivors of an earthquake. They’re pretty limited as to where they can walk, the amount of strength they have and the amount they can see at any given time. Now imagine if those 5 people had a drone that could autonomously fly over the site and use thermal cameras, image processing or sonar to locate where survivors are. The drone could hover over their location, and then the team can go directly to them for rescue.

What about a team of cleaner robots that could patrol around a city, detecting and eating litter, using that litter for fuel to power more litter collecting. If we lived in a world where people didn’t vandalize things, we could keep cities virtually litter free!
How about a robot that’s small enough to fit down your drain, locate a blockage, and absolutely blitz it. Or maybe you’re about to go for brain surgery, there’s a doctor and he’s guiding a high precision surgery robot that can accurately identify areas of the brain, and make highly stabilized incisions that would minimize collateral brain damage.

Robotics is a currently booming field with an infinite potential for good and evil. I think humans are going to have a very close relationship with robots in the future. Yeah they might take over and enslave us, but let’s be honest, we’ve pretty much enslaved ourselves in this society anyways. 😉

Peace ❤


My Reality vs yours.

Afternoon beautiful,
Man it feels like time is moving so slow and so fast at the same time, like it’s only Tuesday, but before you know it it’ll be Friday. Anyways I just had a lecture on epistemology (The study of knowledge) from our head of school. The lecture was very philosophical, raising points about reality and what it means to be here.


There are fundamentally two things about this existence that I can’t comprehend;
My own mortality, and the fact that no one on the planet (to my knowledge) has any idea how or why we’re here. Now I’ve spent a very large portion of my life thinking about those two things and I’ve learnt/figured out some stuff…

It seems that the reality that I see, and the reality that you see are different, built up by our biases and experiences. I mean we can both agree that that chair over there is blue, but are you really seeing it as my version of blue? Is there any way we can find out for sure?

What I consider to be right or wrong is based on how I’ve interpreted what I’ve been exposed to and the culture I’ve grown up in. Just because a society has come to the conclusion that something is right or wrong, doesn’t mean it is. For example, English people generally believe it’s wrong to eat dogs, but if you had grown up in a society like Vietnam, then it would be perfectly normal to eat dogs.

I guess what I’m trying to say is everything you see, is filtered through “You” goggles, and sometimes it can be hard to take these off, but being aware of it is definitely a good first step.

Peace ❤