My story so far…

I’m Jrod, a publishing artist and producer,
here’s a little bit about my journey:

Early years

I’ve wanted to create music and share it with the world from as long as I can remember;

I got my first guitar when I was about 6 or seven, a small, cheap classical. My mum paid for guitar lessons at school, but after 3 lessons I stopped because the lessons were at lunch time and I wanted to play with my friends.

Kindling a passion for guitar

At the age of around 13-14, a friend came over and showed me how to play seven nation army on guitar (bass notes of course).

I began to slowly teach myself how to play, including scary theory!!!!

From here, I started to learn Red Hot Chilli Peppers covers with my cousin, and uploading one or two things to Facebook and YouTube.

Photo rights (2,3) owned by Charlie Kingsley-Jones


These pics are from a project that aimed to raise funds for a uni film project about the effects of dementia. This was the first time I really sang in-front of people.

(Photo rights owned by Harry Marshall (photos 1,2,3) Josh Clack (photo 4)

WaveForm Sessions

A little project that was never actually released. The project was meant to provide a space for uni musicians to showcase their talent (or lack thereof in my case).

The birth of Jrod

Somewhere along the way I took my nickname “Jrod” and decided to start writing my own songs, these were uploaded to Facebook, Sound-cloud, and all of the rest!

Chocolate Cake

My first release that became available in all major stores and the most fun I’ve had making a project so far.
Listen here: Music Video, Spotify, Apple Music

Photo rights owned by Charlie Kingsley-Jones


My second single is available on all major streaming platforms! This song has silky guitar tones and a solo that is scientifically proven to reduce stress. Go check it out!

Photo rights owned by Charlie Kingsley-Jones