Cambridge is weird.

Afternoon you legend,

Guess who’s gonna be a punter in Cambridge?! Damn right its me son. Today was my first time on a punt and it was way more difficult that I anticipated. I’m super excited to spend the summer working here in Cambridge, it’s such a beautiful city filled with history and people who are definitely richer than you.

So I’m writing this from a bench near the center of town. Infront of me, a preacher proclaiming the greatness of Jesus. To my right, two junkies swearing to eachother that they’re good people, whilst shouting at the preacher claiming he’s chatting shit. It’s a wild world we live in.

Funnily enough I had a false image of Cambridge being this pristine gem of England. Where people are well spoken and driven. Turns out its the same shite as everywhere else.

Just because a place of person appears to be one way, doesn’t mean it’s that way at all.

Peace ♥️