I don’t wanna leave!

Good evening my loves,

I apologise for the late post, had an exam and then food and yoga, no real excuses really. And so.Im writing this from my phone at pres for the last ever student union I’ll ever go on! 😦

These beautiful people are my old house mates(Minus Nik, plus Holly). I’ve gotten to know these amazing people over three years! There’s been plenty of tears, laughs and falling outs but they’ve been my extended family and University wouldn’t quite be the same without them!

If you’re going to uni, at uni or even not at uni, I encourage you to find people that you genuinely love and can connect to! After all it’s true what they say about friends being chosen family or something!

Anyways, I’m about to get SLIIIIZZZARD (got an exam Friday lol)!

Peace ❤


Meaningful connections.

Good afternoon bloggers,
I hope you’ve all had a good weekend filled with fun and excitement to prepare you for this weeks work. So my birthday’s coming up on Wednesday and I’m going to be in Lincoln for it, probably working in the computer labs… Not the most glamours 21st, but I’m throwing a party on Friday so it’s all good. Anyways I was in Peterborough over the weekend and before I drove back yesterday, my family threw me a small surprise birthday dinner and cake (A chocolate cake with no dairy!).

All of the nephews

I was feeling down all weekend about going back to uni and facing all of it’s horrors, spending my birthday in the labs, deadlines, exams, the whole she-bang. But this small surprise of “birthday boy” banners and cuddles from all of my nephews made me forget about it all and feel a great sense of love. Just this small amount of appreciation from these people did a world of good for managing my stresses. This really drummed home the importance of having meaningful relationships with not only family, but friends too.

In the heat of challenging moments, try to think of your friends and family that believe in you and support you. Failing that, think about me, because I love you and believe in you.

Peace ❤