I haven’t eaten for three days.

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Long time no speak! I hope you’ve all been doing well, living your best lives and soaking up all of this sun. I’m currently in turkey, and having quite possibly the most chilled out 10 days ever.

I’ve explored the neighboring mountains, snorkeled with fish and had some absolutely gorgeous kebabs.

I’ve also decided to do a three day water fast, and I won’t lie to you, it’s challenging. Today marks the last day of the fast, and tomorrow I can devour lots of nice fruit and veg. A water fast is basically consuming no calories at all, you can only drink teas and coffees (no sugar or milk).

Not eating for three days has made me realise two things: Humans don’t need to eat nearly as much as we do, and I really fucking enjoy eating.

Aside from that, my body has purged loads of toxins and I feel lighter, more relaxed and centred. I hope you have a great week and I’ll see you soon!

Peace ♥️


Intermittent Fasting.

Brap Brap it’s Wednesday.
How have you all been? Good? Good.
So I’m trying out this new eating habit where you get an 8-10 hour window to eat food in a day. For example, if I have my first bite of food at 10am, then I have until 6pm to stuff my face. After that I have to wait until 10am the next day.

Glorius Roast Dinner

Intermittent fasting is supposed to bring a whole barrage of good health stuff:
-Improved Brain Function, Resistance to disease, Resistance to ageing, Improved blood pressure, Increased insulin sensitivity. The list goes on…

So, when the body hasn’t consumed any form of nutrition for 8-12 hours, the body is considered to be fasting. Somewhere around this time your body uses up all of your stored energy, but you can’t eat for another 5 hours?! To cope with this the body begins to break down your fat reserves and enters this sort of “battery saving / healing mode”.

I get pretty aggy when I’m hungry so avoid me after 6-7pm!
Anyways, I gotta head to Jiujitsu.

Peace ❤


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