I haven’t eaten for three days.

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Long time no speak! I hope you’ve all been doing well, living your best lives and soaking up all of this sun. I’m currently in turkey, and having quite possibly the most chilled out 10 days ever.

I’ve explored the neighboring mountains, snorkeled with fish and had some absolutely gorgeous kebabs.

I’ve also decided to do a three day water fast, and I won’t lie to you, it’s challenging. Today marks the last day of the fast, and tomorrow I can devour lots of nice fruit and veg. A water fast is basically consuming no calories at all, you can only drink teas and coffees (no sugar or milk).

Not eating for three days has made me realise two things: Humans don’t need to eat nearly as much as we do, and I really fucking enjoy eating.

Aside from that, my body has purged loads of toxins and I feel lighter, more relaxed and centred. I hope you have a great week and I’ll see you soon!

Peace ♥️


Teachings from a wise uncle.

Good evening beauties,

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend! I’ve had the pleasure of spending the night with my uncle in Godmanchester, a place just outside of Cambridge. It’s absolutely gorgeous here, rivers, meadows, blossom trees, a true haven.

I love spending time with my Uncle, he’s been through a lot and come a long way from his beginings in Vitoria, Brasil. He’s battled with mental health issues and now he’s in charge of massive civil engineering contracts. The sheer dedication this guy has is unreal, just by being around him you’ll feel motivated and ready to start a career.

He’s taught me a lot of lessons about life and the importance of hard work, dedication and dicipline. If you want something, no one is going to give it to you. He also stresses that you need to chase genuine happiness, everything else is a bonus. Money is good, but not a necessity, you don’t need to be rich to survive. Is a guy who spends a grand on a night out getting drunk with his friends really that different from someone who buys cheap vodka and gets his friends round for a barbecue?

I honestly wish that everyone could have an uncle like this guy, my words does not do his words justice. As always,

Peace ♥️


Positive thinking.

It’s a beautiful afternoon!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful summery day today! I’ve had a banging fry up, recorded a podcast and now I’m writing this whilst people watching from outside of cafe Nero. NGL one of the best things about summer is summer attire, funny how as soon as the sun comes out, it’s almost like a challenge to show as much skin as you legally can.

I’ve been on such a rollercoaster of emotions recently, from shitting myself about uni, to being super excited it’s over, to being sad about leaving all of my friends here in Lincoln. But throughout all of them I’ve tried to maintain a positive healthy attitude towards the future, and myself. I can’t even tell you how much it’s helped to be able to identify when my thoughts are turning negative, and at least try to turn them positive.

Sometimes though, positive thinking doesn’t work, and I don’t wanna be one of those guys who preaches being positive in all circumstances. For the times when it’s not working, just remember that you can ride this out and you’ll be back to your normal self in no time.

Now I’m gonna enjoy this sun whilst I can before locking myself in the labs again.

Peace ❤️


Infinite time!

Good evening you beauties!
I haven’t slept in a grand total of 32 hours and I feel like I’m about to implode. I was legit having hallucinations earlier it was mad. However, I have gotten a lot of work done in that time, and it made me think… Do you think technology will ever advance to the point where we don’t need to sleep? You get this implant and bam; a full 24 hours a day, everyday! You could get so much done, so much more chill time, you could learn a language, maybe even take up a trade.

If such a thing were available, would you want to be involved? If you could spend the time you slept doing anything you wanted, what would you do? I think it’s questions like these that can help us to come a little bit closer to what we truly want in life.
For me, i’d try to learn some mad shit, like the origins of kung fu or how to tame a snake (You just never know when you’re gonna be on a plane with Samuel Jackson).

I guess staying up all this time sweating over something I care little about has made really question why I’m doing what I’m doing. Don’t get me wrong I have an interest in my course, but the means by which I have to learn about it sucks major ass. All of these silly hoops you have to jump though, it kinda takes the fun out of it. But sometimes you gotta wade through the bs to get to the gs.

Though times are always temporary my dudes, just keep swimming and I’m sure you’ll have it all figured out.

Peace ❤