Praise the sun!

Oi oi saveloy.
Guess who went out and got drunk again last night… If you guessed Jrod you guessed correct. Guess who else had their last exam yesterday… You’re on an absolute roll, it’s me again. So I’m pretty much free for summer now to galavant around in the sun. Which means lots of fruity ciders, late night barbeques, and a lot of messing around in parks.

Whilst summer does bring awesome weather and good times, we can’t forget those days where all of your friends are working and you’re trapped at home bored. How do we combat that pesky Boredom you don’t ask? Well funnily enough I’ve compiled a small list of stuff you could do on these days (Here’s one I made earlier).

1) Go for a walk around nature, favourite nature parks? Nearby forests? Or open Google maps & look for your nearest sizable patch of green.

2) Learn a skill, got an old instrument lying around? Any cook books? Always wanted to speak Japanese?

3) Bake some dank brownies (If you do this you gotta invite me over)

4) Be creative! Make something cool, paint some shit or write a poem or something.

I’m super excited for summer and I hope you guys are too,

Peace ♥️


I decide, therefore I am.

Hey you, you’re looking mighty fine today.
I hope you’ve all had a banging weekend, despite the weather being a little shitty. So I’ve successfully managed to avoid revision and go to parties all weekend. In hind-sight, not the best decision making I’ve done but at least I’m livin’. Making choices that are right for you can be pretty difficult. I’m currently weighing up a job offer for summer, but right now I have no idea what’s the right choice for me, given my circumstances.

Trying to decide whether I should revise or party tonight.

Have you ever wondered why it takes you so long to decide what you want from a well populated menu in a restaurant? Or maybe why you can’t decide what you wanna do right this second, despite all of the possible options? Usually it’s because you’re unsure whether you’ll regret the thing that you pick. Makes sense right? You don’t wanna get half way through your risotto and realise you really should’ve gone for the steak and ale pie.

Effective and efficient decision making is quite a hard feat. However, there’s a few things you can keep in mind when you’re trying to decide the next step in your life:
Which option “feels” right to you? Your intuition can tell you quite a lot about how you truly feel about things. Sometime’s it’s good to follow your “Gut feeling”, other times it’s good to logically think about things. You should always try to figure out why something feels a certain way, and can you justify why it feels right to go for this option?

Like all things in life, decision making is all about balance. Can you balance your gut feeling with solid reasoning and logic? Then again I’m only 21 and I haven’t really made many life-changing choices, so maybe you shouldn’t listen to me. 😉

Peace ❤