I don’t wanna leave!

Good evening my loves,

I apologise for the late post, had an exam and then food and yoga, no real excuses really. And so.Im writing this from my phone at pres for the last ever student union I’ll ever go on! 😦

These beautiful people are my old house mates(Minus Nik, plus Holly). I’ve gotten to know these amazing people over three years! There’s been plenty of tears, laughs and falling outs but they’ve been my extended family and University wouldn’t quite be the same without them!

If you’re going to uni, at uni or even not at uni, I encourage you to find people that you genuinely love and can connect to! After all it’s true what they say about friends being chosen family or something!

Anyways, I’m about to get SLIIIIZZZARD (got an exam Friday lol)!

Peace ❤


I drink to forget.

Good afternoon cuties.
I hope you’ve had a nice hump-day so far! I’ve had a pretty decent day, made some breakfast, watched a Netflix thing about the history of Compaq vs IBM and smashed some revision. Remaining on today’s to-do list is; yoga, eat a roast dinner, and get absolutely mortal at quack tonight (Student union).


I always get funny looks when I tell people who aren’t at university that I’m going out on a Wednesday night. To be fair, if we’re going by worldly standards, it’s pretty weird to be going out in the middle of the work-week. Nonetheless 2 pound drinks, an endless supply of vk’s (students wkd) and cheesy music never fails to attract a student wanting to escape their degree, even for a night. A study that was conducted in Ireland revealed 4 distinct types of university drinkers:

The guarded drinker;  Will vary the amount they drink based on factors like physical size, money, who they’re with and cultural norms.
The calculated hedonist; Someone who drinks to maximize the fun of a night out, but they tend to disregard the negatives of doing so. These people usually end up going out because of their fear that they’ll miss out on something.
The peer-influenced drinker; Someone who’s motivated by a sense of belonging to a group. “Well if everyone’s getting a drink, I might as well get one”.
We’ve all been convinced by that friend who insists that “You wont remember the night that you stayed in and slept well”.
The inevitable binge drinker; Someone who will literally drink until there’s no more alcohol left. These people don’t usually see drinking as fun, but more of a problem.

If I was to self-categorize, which is never really a good idea, I’d say i’m a hybrid between a calculated hedonist and a peer-influenced drinker. What type of drinker are you?

Peace ❤



Link to the study: http://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/6/11/e011815

I will survive!

Hello you sexy Jrodders!
My dissertation is finally over and submitted and I’m free from it forever! Unless I have to re-sit… Anyways, after about 9 million consecutive hours in the labs thriving on nothing but pot noodles, pro-plus and some weird caffeine powder, I think my mind and body both hate me with a passion.

Just having a little toilet break from work.

It’s kind of funny when it reaches 2 days before the deadline and you realise you’ve pretty much written your entire project wrong. The sheer panic and terror I felt was insane, I genuinely thought that I’d thrown away 50 grand and three years of my time. However, with the power of stimulants and a great group of coursemates, I managed to entirely re-write it within about 40 hours.

The whole situation reminded me of my A-levels, walking confidently up to my square table, laying out my pens and pencils, putting my water down next to me, turning the first page of the exam and realising I’d well and truly fucked it. That feeling of “My life is over, I’m not going to survive this” had properly sunk in as I imagined the disappointment on my mum’s face come results day. Needless to say, I did survive that, and I did get into Uni, and just like I thought I wouldn’t survive my dissertation, here I am, all smug and submitted.

If you’re feeling like you’ve reached a hurdle in your life that you just can’t get over, take some deep breaths and when you’re ready, try your best to face whatever it is. Relax and clear your mind, I promise you’ll survive it and even surprise yourself.

Peace ❤


I got that Friday Fever!

It’s Friday!

And what a beautiful day it’s been, woke up and cooked a banging Omlette, met up with my boy Kyle, went skating, got a smoothie (the girl that served me was real cute), and then we went for a smoke in a forest.

So my Easter holidays have just started and I have two weeks off of uni! Sadly I still have alot of work to do, but I’ve come back home to Peterbrough for the weekend to just chill before I get stuck back in!

It’s so nice to get back into your own bed after not being there for a while, I slept from 9pm to 11:00am this morning, feeling absolutely golden. Even after the one night my mind feels refreshed and I feel relaxed. It’s crazy how fast you can get caught up in the stressess that surround you!

Sometimes you need to take a little time for yourself to just relax, forget about things for a while! After all, life doesn’t have to be so serious 100 percent of the time. Treat yourself and have a glass of wine! It’s the weekend!

Now if you’ll excuse me it’s my old friends birthday and ima get druuuuunk!

Peace ❤️


Your challenges of university.

Good morning!

Well, good afternoon really it’s 3:30pm but I just woke up. I was out on a social last night spending money I don’t have so cut me some slack.

So I’m considering writing my first book over summer, which will basically be aimed at university students, and things they should be aware of to survive untill the end of their course.

I was wondering…

What do/did you find most challenging about uni?

What do/did you do to overcome that challenge?

If you had perfect hindsight from now, what would you tell the fresher you?

If I get even one response I’ll be happy af, you could email me at: jordan@thejrodpractice.com

Leave me a comment on my Facebook post, or send me a private message. Either way I’m curious to hear about the various challenges people go through.

Enjoy your Thursday you sexy people.

Peace ❤️


(P.s I’ll make another post soon about the challenges I’ve faced at uni.)