Praise the sun!

Oi oi saveloy.
Guess who went out and got drunk again last night… If you guessed Jrod you guessed correct. Guess who else had their last exam yesterday… You’re on an absolute roll, it’s me again. So I’m pretty much free for summer now to galavant around in the sun. Which means lots of fruity ciders, late night barbeques, and a lot of messing around in parks.

Whilst summer does bring awesome weather and good times, we can’t forget those days where all of your friends are working and you’re trapped at home bored. How do we combat that pesky Boredom you don’t ask? Well funnily enough I’ve compiled a small list of stuff you could do on these days (Here’s one I made earlier).

1) Go for a walk around nature, favourite nature parks? Nearby forests? Or open Google maps & look for your nearest sizable patch of green.

2) Learn a skill, got an old instrument lying around? Any cook books? Always wanted to speak Japanese?

3) Bake some dank brownies (If you do this you gotta invite me over)

4) Be creative! Make something cool, paint some shit or write a poem or something.

I’m super excited for summer and I hope you guys are too,

Peace ♥️


Hit your reset button.

Good evening guys!
Sorry for the late post. I was super hung over from a festival themed night out last night and then the sun came out so I spent all day longboarding about with Bernardo and Luc.
It felt so good to get outside and breathe some fresh air. That’s one of my favourite things about Lincoln, it’s super easy to get away from the city and into some nice rural areas.


I’m not even kidding I felt like the sun had given me energy that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Which leaves me no other choice than to believe there’s a sun god. It’s so nice to escape from your day to day routine every once in a while, relax and just forget about your stresses. It sounds kind of crazy, but just getting out of your area for a while feels like you’re giving your mind a little reset.

If you ever need an adventuring partner, hit me up, I got adventuring experience.

Peace ❤