Guitar Tutoring Services

I’m Jordan, a self-taught publishing artist and producer under the name of Jrod. I’ve been playing guitar since I was around 14 years old, but more on that over here.

Music is always at the fore-front of my consciousness and I believe that every person is born with an innate understanding of music that is yet to be realised/awakened.

I’m an incredibly social person and have experience working with and teaching people of all ages.
In my spare time I study music theory, write songs, practice audio production and arranging/composing.

Fully DBS checked, email for a copy.

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I strongly believe that money shouldn’t be a factor in deciding whether or not you’d like to learn the guitar. That’s why I offer my knowledge and experience of playing completely free of charge. If you’d like to support me, I will kindly accept donations, but this isn’t a necessity.

1 – 1 Online tutoring

Simply book a time slot and I will email you the zoom meeting invitation.
(Please note that I am not responsible for connection issues)

1 – 1 Face to face tutoring

Lessons held in my private studio in Yaxley, Peterbrough.
Alternatively, I can drive to your location if you’re willing to cover petrol costs.

Group tutoring

Know someone else who would like to learn? Convince them to join you, learning is easier and more fun with friends.

For availability, bookings and other general queries email:

I’ve been learning electric guitar with Jordan for 5 weeks and his lessons are always fun and he only teaches me songs I want to learn!

Archie – Aged 12

Teaching Style

Music is something that is already inherently known by the listener, capacity for music is something we are all born with and it goes beyond just playing an instrument.

My job is to help you connect to that place where the music comes from. I can teach you all of the things that you need to know to take that musical voice inside you, and manifest it into the world.

How does it work if I want tutoring?

Firstly we will have a chat about why you’d like to take lessons. This is time for you to tell me exactly what you want from the lessons, so I can create a customized plan for you. This way, you’re only ever going to be learning things that are both relevant to you and relevant to the style of playing you’d like to learn.

From there, I’ll suggest the material that we should prioritise and give you a lesson by lesson breakdown tailored to you, ahead of your lessons so that you have a good idea of where you are, and where you’re going to be, as well as a nice log to look back on.

You’ll gain access to exercises and resources from my digital library. In my spare time I’ll also transcribe any songs you’d like to learn, specifically tailored to your skill level.

As time goes on and your skill level progresses, I will continually check in with you to ensure you are satisfied with your lessons, and if there is anything you’d like to cover or learn.

Example student

Archie, aged 12, wants to learn how to play the guitar so that he can play some rock songs to his friends, he really wants to learn Everlong – Foo Fighters.

Suggested Material:

The Chromatic Scale
Chord theory
Power Chords
Key theory
Holding the guitar with good posture
Fretting technique
Strumming technique
Movable Chord shapes

Example lesson:

Lesson focus: Chord theory

10 minutes Theory:
What is a chord?
What is a Power Chord?
The chords for Everlong

5 minute warm up:
Stretching fingers/wrists to avoid injuries
Tuning the guitar
Basic warm up exercises

40 minute practical:
Strumming techniques
Proper fingering of the chords
How to efficiently change from one chord to another
Learning and practicing Seven nation army

5 minute de-brief:
Quick run over of the key ideas that were learned
A lesson plan will be emailed so you can go over the material at home
Suggested reading/practice for next lesson

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